Muletown Designs Barn Quilts

Why barn quilts?

My husband and I have a dream that one day we’ll purchase 100 acres out in the country, settle down and live off the land with a barn full of horses (okay, that’s my part of the dream). So when our cousin invited us out to her farm in TN we jumped at the chance to see and experience the countryside. As expected, we fell head over heels in love with the small town atmosphere and could easily see ourselves taking walks into the town square for dinner and shopping, listening to bluegrass music while we picnic on a blanket, or even spending an entire day rocking on the front porch with a cold glass of sweet tea and a good book.


My cousin, it turns out, was hiding this beautiful secret in her upstairs studio and once I took a peek I was hooked. What she had laying out was this colorful geometric piece of art that I can only describe as the perfect balance of left-brain clean lines and right-brain creativity and color. I vowed at that moment I would come home and create my very own. Seeing her work hung on several local barns only furthered my fascination with this obscure work of art.


As soon as we made it back to our suburban lifestyle (crying all the way) I took off to the hardware store, cleared off a table and got to work. It was beautiful and messy at the same time but I enjoyed the process so much that I vowed to continue creating – so much so that my husband asked me what I planned to do with my amassing collection of painted barn quilts. This is when my online shop was created.


Today, the process of painting barn quilts is almost a creative meditation so each order is celebrated and given the utmost of care and attention.


In fact, I love painting barn quilts so much that it’s even more fun for me to teach others. In class, I walk you step-by-step through the entire process so that you can go home and make your own without any help. It’s important for me to share the #barnquiltlove with everyone!


Please enjoy browsing my collection of barn quilts available for sale.  If you don’t see what you’re looking for I’m always interested in creating a new design from scratch or another pattern/colors you find online.  Let’s get creative!



Peace, love and barn quilts,

Christine Boggs