Barn Quilt Square Necklace
Barn Quilt Block Necklace - Black
Barn Quilt Block Necklace - Dark Blue
Barn Quilt Block Necklace - Green
Barn Quilt Block Necklace - Light Blue
Barn Quilt Block Necklace - Red
Barn Quilt Block Necklace - Seafoam Green
Barn Quilt Block Necklace - Turquoise

Barn Quilt Block Necklace

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Barn Quilt Block Necklace

Do you love quilts as much as I do?  Are your quilts and barn quilts wearing out your arms as you carry them around town?  We can make it easier to show off your love of quilts with your own barn quilt block necklace!  Because we love homemade crafts, this beautiful quilt jewelry is hand-crafted of porcelain and hangs on a 20" long silver chain.  Each beautiful quilt square pendant is 1" x 1", so large enough for everyone to compliment you but small enough not to overpower.

Not to make your decision too difficult but the quilt block necklaces are hand-painted in several different colors.  Please note the colors may vary slightly from what you see in the pictures but I've tried to make them as accurate as possible.  Please be sure to use the drop-down to pick your favorite color when ordering.

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